The Visionary Art of LeoniArt


The real meaning of the Visionary Art expressed by LeoniArt and the same path followed by this community is not easy to explain.

When we look for a right definition of an artwork, we are involved to refer to a similar art movements already existing in the artistic scenario.

 In this specific case, the first could be the Surrealism, the famous kind of Art shown as the juxtaposition of distant realities to activate the unconscious mind. The founder Andreè Breton declared that Surrealism resolved the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality into an absolute reality, a super-reality.

Surrealist painters tried to elevate the dream-state into a higher reality, often creating illogical scenes with strange creatures, in a symbolic transposition, probably different from the original input.

Visionary Art, as known today, is something beyond the Surrealism, it transcends the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes.

It was born in the XVI century, with the first artworks of Hieronimuos Bosch, a dutch painter, who represented his visions in contrast with the religious and moral restrictions of that time.

After him, many other artists created visionary paintings, like the English William Blake and the swiss Heinrich Fussli.

Salvador Dalì, considered a surrealist artist, interpreted his Visionary Art in “La visage de la guerre”, where the brutality of the Spanish civil war was represented by a terrible face having other faces in its mouth and eyes.

Visionary Art often carries themes of spiritual, mystical or inner awareness.

In this way, we can consider Symbolism, Cubism, Surrealism and Psychedelic art as direct precursors to contemporary Visionary art.

It received a great influence from the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism and today it is spread into different facets like Burning Man and Boom Festival, The Vision Train and the Interdimensional Art Movement.

One of the main difference between Surrealism and Visionary Art is that visionary authors use all means possible to access different states of consciousness and expose the resulting vision.

That’s for me the point still distant  from the Art of LeoniArt Project.

My visionary paintings come from my dreams, keeping the same scenes, same colors coming from my oneiric status. No additives, no external potions at all, just dreams. If sometimes my artworks contain some signs or symbols, they came from my fantasy or my involuntary sense of beauty and vision of colors.

My dreams are often prophetic, sometimes clairvoyant, and I paint exactly the scene I see in my visions.

That’s a different kind of clairvoyance: Magritte, as surreal painter, made his artwork “La clarvoyance“ showing himself painting a bird having an egg as model. I can see a woman watching the sea from her window and I paint the same woman as seen in my dreams.

I’m lucky to be psychic and to receive messages from other parallel worlds. I probably obtain this gift from my original shock happened when I was born and I was close to death. It was my apocalypse, shown in my painting called “10:35”.




For the above mentioned reasons and for the aspects that brings my art into a sort of separation from the historical art movements called “Surrealism” and “Visionary Art” I want to consider the Art of LeoniArt Project a pure transposition of oneiric visions into real images, keeping the same configuration, the same view, in a total representation or, when the memory is faded, expressed by simple signs coming from dreams. Where that visions cannot be abstracted from the unconsciousness status, they come directly from our imaginary space hidden inside our mind.